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Starlite Lamps Journey

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Our entry into the field of lighting was started in 1985 when Lt.Col. S.C. Nanda after his retirement from the Indian Army decided to start the manufacture of specialized miniature bulbs at Dehradun, hence was born our predecessor M/s Precision Bulbs India. For many years this company was known as the leader in this field was the preferred supplier of lamps to all torch manufacturing companies like Nippo, Novino, Eveready, BPL etc.

In the year 2005 India saw a transition from incandescent lamps to LED as the preffered light source for torches, seeing the changing trend Colonel Nanda decided to start a new company that would specialize in this field and thus the inception of Starlite Lamps took place in 2006. It is located at 2357/5, Arcadia Grant, Mohabewala Industrial Area, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

With the introduction of a tax holiday in the state of Uttarakhand we were approached by M/s Keesara Plastics Pvt. Ltd. the sole suppliers of Nippo torches in India to collaborate with them in developing plastic LED torches, we agreed to the proposal and starting from 2006 to 2018 we very successfully carried on with this association, supplying to Nippo, Panasonic, Crompton, Eveready and others with tremendous success and to the complete satisfaction of our buyers.

In 2018 Mr. V.V. Reddy of Keesara Plastics decided to exit active business and we at Starlite Lamps purchased all the fixed assets that were installed at our premises in Dehradun and since we were the key persons involved in this business all our buyers very happily accepted us as their suppliers.

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